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  • Incentives as a Preferred Instrument of Corporate and Public Policy
    Original techniques of incentive/equilibrium and cost/benefit analysis: Adjusting incentives as a main way to get desired things done, preferred over conventional administrative and governmental methods for improving conditions without constraining or damaging individual freedom and/or initiative.
  • You Are Brighter Than You Think!
    Combining Socratic method with Einsteinian “deep-thought” technique opens many paths to your own high heritage of resources. Full text here for free.
  • Two GUARANTEED Ways to Profoundly Improve Your Intelligence
    Held-breath underwater swimming and Image-Streaming as powerful agents of greater effectiveness. Full text here for free.
  • Excerpt: Beyond Teaching and Learning
    The full text of Chapter 1 of this great book is provided here for free, with many hot tips for accelerated learning and increased understanding, and for accessing and retrieving your unconsciously held awarenesses. Learn like a genius!
Books Online for Children
  • The Philosopher’s Stone by Win Wenger and John McPherson
    A tale of wisdom and courage — a young man’s mission to save his people and prevail against 50 mighty dragons.
    Notes for Parents and Teachers
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  • Dew Song by Win Wenger and John McPherson
    To save their friendships and habitats, youngsters in this gentle fantasy envision creative alternatives to razing forests.
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Beyond OK (1979)
Psychegenic tools relating to health of body and mind
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Beyond Teaching and Learning (1992)
Eight different systems of method for learning easily with profound understanding
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Borrowed Genius (2012)
Three principles that achieve the original purpose of the Socratic Method
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Brain Boosters (2003)
20 minutes a day to a more powerful brain — self-study audio course
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The Creative Problem-Solving Tool Kit (2012)
17 breakthrough techniques, taught step-by-specific-step in their simplest, easiest-to-use form
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Discovering The Obvious (1999)
Techniques of original, inspired, scientific discovery, technical invention, and innovation
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Dynamic Teaching (2011)
Learn effective group management techniques and modern Socratic Method
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The Einstein Factor (1995)
Great techniques for unleashing the powers of your mind
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End Writer’s Block Forever (2011)
This book will show you specifically how to ‘get it’ and get it out onto paper
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Genius Code (CD set) (2002)
Self-study audio course on CDs with manual combines two phenomenal techniques
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How to Increase Your Intelligence (1975, 1987)
Raise your I.Q. 20 points in 25 hours of pleasant, entertaining practice
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Release Your Inner Genius with WinSights: Vol. 1 (2019)
The first 60 WinSights written by Dr. Wenger covering many of his most significant techniques and ideas
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Three Easy Tactics to Use in Your Classroom (2010)
This compact teacher’s handbook includes three tactics proven in classrooms to let you teach smarter, not harder
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Win Wenger’s Image Streaming by Charles Roman (2011)
introduces the simple yet powerful visualization technique, Image-Streaming
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Win Wenger’s Super Skills for Students by Isa McKechnie (2011)
Step-by-specific-step methods for better, easier and faster learning-with-understanding
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The Better Baby by Susan Wenger
A profoundly sensible collection of advice for raising a smarter, happier child
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The Port-Wine Sea by Susan Wenger
A hilarious parody of Patrick O’Brian’s sea-faring stories
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