Genius Code

Guiding you into the realm of genius

by Paul Scheele & Win Wenger
Audio CDs
Published 2002
ASIN 0925480444

Available direct by mail order here: $160
(Accelerator CDs $100 more)

Crack your “Genius Code” and genius is automatic!

Tune in to those secret messages that your brain automatically sends you to boost your IQ, solve any problem, accelerate learning, recognize golden opportunities, and supercharge your intuition.

Now you can develop superior mental powers similar to those possessed by the greatest minds in humankind.

Genius Code, published by Learning Strategies Corporation, includes:

  • CDs
  • 58-page Course Manual
  • Visual Thinking mini-book
  • Genius Code Paraliminal tape

Contents of Genius Code course manual:

  • Establish Your Goals
  • Image Streaming
  • Receiving Information
  • Over-the-Wall
  • Interpreting Information
  • Activating Your Genius
  • High Think Tank
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Borrowed Genius
  • Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder
  • Next Steps
  • Personal Journal
  • Sources of Error
  • Fast Finish

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