How to Increase Your Intelligence

by Win Wenger
Paperback | Hardcover
Published 1975, 1987
ISBN 880471522
ISBN13 9780880471527

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Dramatically improve your test scores. Guaranteed.
Dr. Win Wenger’s unique book will show you the only techniques proven to have such astonishing results. Only ten minutes a day will dramatically increase your intelligence.

Imagine what you could do if you used the full power of your brain. Where are you now, and where will you be when you have unleashed your inner genius?

Why would you want to increase your intelligence? The world is changing! As our economy relies more and more on information, those who can process information faster than others will dominate the marketplace.

Increased intelligence will improve every aspect of your life. The smarter you are, the more you see and appreciate in your everyday life. Not only will your life be richer and fuller, but you will breeze through problems that normally cause people great stress.

Improve your whole brain and unleash the genius within

How to Increase Your Intelligence will teach you the single most effective intelligence-raising technique known to man: Image-Streaming. Astonishing results have been reported after using this technique for only ten minutes a day. You will also learn:


  • How to improve your brain physically
  • How to improve the performance of your whole brain
  • How to nourish your brain
  • The Creativity-Break technique
  • How to improve communication between your “two brains”
  • Much more!

Proven by Independent research

Dr. Win Wenger’s How to Increase Your Intelligence is based on 35 years of proven research and experimentation. He is clearly the most influential figure in this field and has been heralded as “one of the most exciting lecturers in America today.” His techniques are used around the world to improve the performance of athletes, students, business managers and artists.

This book will show you the simple techniques and principles he has developed. You will learn how to apply them to your life and immediately see the benefits. If, after 25 hours of Image-Streaming practice and allowing a few months for the changes in your brain to take effect, you do not improve your scores on standardized IQ tests, we will give you a full refund. Don’t get left behind. Your brain has an IQ of over 300. How much of it are you using?

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