Release Your Inner Genius with WinSights

Volume 1: Creativity, Problem Solving, Innovation, Accelerated Learning

by Win Wenger,
edited by Charles Roman & Kate Jones
Published 2019

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The book includes articles on such topics as: Image Streaming, Portable Memory Bank, Freenoting, Dynamic Format, Beachhead, Over the Wall, Periscopic Learning, Noise Removal Breathing, Calm Breathing Patterns, Crabapple, Flick Gazing, Final Exams, and others.

Throughout his career, Dr. Win Wenger has been researching and developing techniques to be used in the fields of creative problem solving and accelerated learning for both personal and professional application. Dr. Wenger has made these techniques available to the general public through his books, his monthly newsletters, and his website. Early in his career, he occasionally published articles covering his work through a series of papers under the title of Capital Ideasmiths. Following the distribution of these articles, Dr. Wenger started writing monthly articles that covered his research and included input from others that augmented his work. These articles were entitled WinSights.

This volume includes the first 60 WinSights written by Dr. Wenger and covers many of his most significant techniques and ideas in both creative problem solving and accelerated learning. These articles have been minimally edited for format and clarity for this publication. Most of the WinSights can be read out of sequence by using the Table of Contents or the Key Subject Index located at the beginning of the book to find a topic of interest to you. But there are some that are best read in sequence. If you come across some of these articles, it will be evident from the article and it will most likely lead you to a previous article. Over time, improvements or enhancements to specific techniques may have been made and these can be found by going through multiple articles on the same subject. Whether you read this book sequentially or randomly, you will obtain a lot of very useful ideas that you can put to use in your daily life to make you more productive, efficient, and creative. To get the most out of the book, spend some time and try to use some of the techniques described in this book.

The book is not meant to read for interest only. It includes a list of techniques and instructions that everyone can use. I have used these techniques for over 20 years in both my private and professional life and I have found them to be invaluable.

Editor: Charles Roman

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