Three Easy Tactics to Use in Your Classroom

Psychegenic Tools Relating to Health of Body and Mind

by Win Wenger
Published 1979
ISBN 931865018
ISBN13 9780931865015

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This dynamite new book is meant to be as concise as the One-Minute Manager. This new book’s editor, who has edited my five most recent previous books, hails this one as Win’s very best yet. 3 Easy Tactics is so clear and concise that a harried and distracted teacher can read and learn its contents in minutes, and be restored, relieved, respited and re-energized for a professional lifetime.

These three simple group-handling tactics are from the same body of modern Socratic methods which during 2008-2010 have resulted in the entire student body of St. Andrews Country Day School in Buffalo, NY, more than quadrupling their rate of academic progress. When you use these easy, simple, obviously advantageous tactics, your students will make significant permanent gains, especially in understanding — and you will gain respite and a much better knowledge of your students. — For teachers and students in most subjects, at all educational levels, in the USA and abroad.

Not only beat the tests, but render the tests totally irrelevant and out of the picture, without ever “teaching to the tests.” The advantage is back to real education.

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