In this section, we will explore the vital issues of societies and human communities. (This potentially controversial topic invites your responses and views. See the numerous feedbacks linked from the various articles.)

Like the restless tectonics plates of our globe’s surface and subterranean crust, the social, economic and political infrastructures of our nations are subject to imminent upheavals, with considerable risk of accompanying dislocations and sufferings for large numbers of our populations.

Controversies, disputes, conflicts, contested territories, coveted resources, percolating rivalries and outright enmities can disrupt the social order and harmony and plunge the world’s nations into ever recurring frictions, frays, and outright wars.

Can such human catastrophes be prevented or ameliorated by emerging methods of problem-solving, reconciliation, resolution before society’s tectonic shifts destabilize the fragile systems that hold civilization together? Let us explore our understandings of these problems and join in seeking constructive solutions to forestall the sufferings which humankind has endlessly visited upon itself. What knowledge and wisdom do we need to discover and apply to save humanity from another onslaught of senseless global devastation?

Come, join our search and share your own thoughts and insights. Draw on your deepest resources, the inner genius we all possess, to find answers to today’s most pressing problems. Please read Win Wenger’s About SocioTectonics and Introduction first, for an overview of topics, sample solutions, and a menu of great methods for finding your own, even better solutions.

  • About SocioTectonics
  • Introduction
    Win Wenger provides an overview of major world problems and suggested solutions, and guidelines for how you can come up with even better solutions. Join in the discussions — you could make the critical difference in the future of the world and human civilization.
  • Austerity — How to Ruin What’s Left of the Economy
    A critical view of austerity measures proposed to deal with the economic crisis facing the U.S.
  • Three Places to Look for Substantive Economic Recovery and Growth
    Three places to look for substantive economic recovery and growth.
  • Ten Paths to Economic Recovery
    (as of December, 2009). Controversial proposed programs which could bring us truly major, stable, sustainable long-term economic growth.
  • Civilizations and Creative Genius
    It has been argued that inordinate stress is placed upon creative genius, and a psychological way to reduce that stress is to place all the blame and credit for their genius-level breakthroughs on some outside higher force…
  • Reply to a Conservative Friend
    A clarifying look at fundamentals of government and the economy.
  • A Little of What History Has Been Teaching Us
    What have we become? What are we becoming?
  • Democracy and Freedom
    Clearing up some definitions of democracy, egalitarianism and freedom…when do people have meaningful input into decisions that affect their lives and their future?
  • Freedom and Technology
    How and whether people should be ruled, and how technology, since the printing press, has given more people more knowledge and thus more power.
  • How to Free Us from OPEC
    Guest author Robert Zubrin, Ph.D., proposes mandating that all vehicles sold (not just made, but sold) in the U.S. be flex-fueled (able to run on any combination of gasoline or alcohol fuels).
  • Left/Right/Libertarian
    Guest article by John McPherson discusses the political spectrum and invites you to take the world’s smallest political quiz.
  • Grassroots Solutions
    Declining and falling civilizations attempt to solve their problems through central agencies and authorities. The source of real answers is at the grassroots levels, with the people themselves: us.
  • Mixed Economy
    This national and world solution suggests using incentives to ameliorate dislocations in the market economy. A fascinating analysis of historical economic forces.
  • Incentivism
    A major creative problem-solving method in itself, together with many proposed solutions to the major problems of common concern.

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