Getting More Intelligence Online

by Win Wenger, Ph.D.
Winsights No. 12 (July 1997)

The oldest, most universally agreed-upon natural law of behavior, like gravity is a pretty universally-agreed natural law of physics, is: “that you get more of what you reinforce.” Also known in psychology as “The Law of Effect,” this law also has a number of agreed-upon corollaries, among them the descriptive statement that the more immediate the feedback or reinforcement, other things equal, the more that such reinforcement shapes traits and behaviors.

Also widely observed and agreed: our EXternal senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) are much more immediate and focussed than our equally important INternal senses (feelings, images, pre-verbal thoughts and understandings, sense of nuance, etc.). That is why, for most people, games and sports have a greater attraction than the intellectual and aesthetic activities which can be of such far greater value, but which are in large part a learned taste. Putting these two widely-agreed sets of observation together:

If the functions of widely separate, hitherto unrelated regions of the brain are EXPRESSED TOGETHER in a combination EXternal activity, THE IMMEDIACY OF EXTERNAL SENSORY FEEDBACK FROM that external activity builds a more and more immediate relationship between those formerly unrelated brain regions. This then causes those brain regions to become more and more accessible to each other, and the INTELLIGENCE of each part of the brain to become more and more immediately available to the other part(s).

If one of these hitherto less-related or unrelated regions of the brain is the left temporal lobe and verbally focussed conscious mind, as is the case when we describe a perception: if the perception is a subtle or nuance-involved one originating therefore in a region or in regions of the brain not immediately related to our verbally-focussed consciousness, TO DESCRIBE such perceptions brings such remote-from-consciousness regions of the brain more immediately on line with consciousness, making their resources and intelligence more immediately available to our focussed verbal consciousness. This will manifest with improving “I.Q.” scores and other positive changes relating to “intelligence” and intellect.

Indeed this prediction is borne out in a series of independently conducted state university studies, which since 1989 have been measuring the effects of perhaps the purest form of such externalizing-through-describing such awareness, the process called “Image-Streaming.” On average, as little as 25 hours of easy, entertaining practice of Image-Streaming results in meaningful increase in “I.Q.” points, together with apparently even greater gains in the more numinous aspects of intelligence, creativity and experience. (Department of physics and Chemistry, Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota.)

Does this mean that intelligence can be earned or built? Apparently yes. Operationally, at least, there seems little difference between TRANSFER of intelligence withIN the brain, as seems the case here, and an absolute increase in intelligence such as can also be obtained through improving physical circulation to the physical brain to improve its health and operating condition (Project Renaissance will send you free on request, in return for 4 oz. postage, an article on “breathtaking awareness” full of instructions how to produce that effect); nutritionally at least for short-term effects–longer run effects depend upon the uses put to brain functions during those immediate intervals of nutritional advantage; through re-working the sub-routines of the brain to better support its higher functions [many sensori-motor ways of doing so are provided in Win Wenger’s older book HOW TO INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE]; and through training of physical visual response patterns as has been performed since the 1920s by developmental optometrists.)

For whom can this be accomplished? Astonishingly, apparently EVERYone. Of thousands trained, either directly by Project Renaissance or at the university in Minnesota, not one person has yet been found who was unable to learn and practice the procedure for Image-Streaming, and so to begin harvesting its benefits. Besides the main procedures for Image Streaming, Project Renaissance has developed more than 20 back-up procedures to assure that absolutely everyone becomes able to perform Image Streaming. All educational levels, all ages from infancy to nursing home, all “I.Q.” levels, appear to benefit.

This picking-up on, sensitizing to, and describing-aloud of, internal awarenesses and imagery, which we call Image-Streaming, also has enormous practical usefulness as well. It is the main basis of arguably the most powerful and accurate solution-finding creative problem-solving system of methods now in professional use anywhere on Earth. (That modern form of Einsteinian Discovery Method is set forth mainly in two books by Win Wenger: the problem-solving one titled A METHOD FOR PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT, and the currently new book on discovering and inventing: TECHNIQUES OF ORIGINAL, INSPIRED SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY, TECHNICAL INVENTION AND INNOVATION. It is the main basis of six diverse systems of method for profoundly improving and accelerating learning (six of the eight systems set forth in Wenger’s BEYOND TEACHING AND LEARNING). One form of use of Image-Streaming directly improves reading comprehension nine-fold; another set of uses of Image-Streaming is associated with the even greater reading gains of Paul Scheele’s PhotoReading system. Many more practical uses for Image Streaming have been found in a great variety of other contexts.