Creative Problem-Solving (CPS) Techniques

What’s in this index

  • Descriptions of Techniques: an index of instructions for various CPS techniques
  • Essays: These are essays about CPS techniques, and do not include instruction
  • Additional Techniques: these are links to additional problem-solving techniques worth using, that are found elsewhere in this archive

Descriptions of Techniques

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Other Techniques 


Additional Techniques

  • Borrowed Genius
    Ask yourself, “What would a genius do?”
  • Idea Generator
    for breakthroughs in science research.
  • Mutual Listening
    for miracles in the classroom.
  • Effective Problem-Solving: Using What We Know
    Includes updates to the Windtunnel method.
  • Windtunnel
    Insights from torrential outpourings.
  • Freenoting
    The original torrential-outpour technique which pulls your best answers into focus of conscious awareness. Same dynamics as with “Windtunnel,” only in a version which you can work when alone without a partner.
  • Build Your Ability to Understand Everything!
    A great way to build your full understanding until your a-ha! comes. Just run this procedure in the context of your problem or issue situation, without trying to force it to yield a specific answer, and see what emerges for you.
  • Crabapple
    Use metaphor to find answers.
  • Walk in the Woods
    Attention-catchers give clues.
  • Two Experiments
    Quick ways to get great answers — Basic Associative Process and Three Doors, exploring and using the instant problem-solving associative reflexes of your mind.
  • AAA — Ask, Aware, Answer
    Christopher Gooch offers good tools to heighten awareness and let your subconscious find the answers for you.